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You have volunteered to start down the path of becoming a firefighter or emergency medical technician in a modern, efficient, and very proud organization, the Marlborough Volunteer Fire Department. In the coming months you will explore your decision as to why you joined, what it means to you, what it involves and how it affects your personal life.

The fire & emergency medical service is like no other field of public service. The sole function of fire and emergency services is to protect the lives and property of our citizens. The firefighting and emergency medical profession is considered to be the most hazardous of all occupations in the country today. The firefighter or EMT is subjected to the most adverse conditions at a moment’s notice and is expected to perform his/her duties under any and all conditions. This is stated not to frighten you, but rather to reinforce the importance of continuous regard for safety procedures to protect both you and your fellow firefighters.

The demands on a volunteer firefighter or EMT are many, often harsh and considered unreasonable by some people; yet, meeting all of its demands and doing the job well is what builds the pride that is instilled throughout our department. Beginning the day you are accepted as a probationary member of the department, you are expected to respond to an alarm whether it means leaving your meal, having to delay a holiday celebration, jumping from a warm bed into subzero weather, and on and on. You will not be able to relax after your “shift”, as a volunteer’s shift is around the clock whenever he/she is needed.

You may find that after a period of time your role as a volunteer firefighter or EMT may not be for you, however, only you can make that decision. The only thing we ask of you is that you give a fair trial for the close friendships that you may develop and the great feeling of personal satisfaction may make it all worthwhile.

The information in the coming pages is provided to make your entry into our department somewhat easier by explaining the department, what is expected of you, and the basic rules that must be followed for your own safety and the efficiency of the department.




Welcome to the Marlborough Volunteer Fire Department


Thank you for your interest in joining the Marlborough Volunteer Fire Department. Your first step in joining the department is to complete a department application and return (or mail) to the Fire Department. Shortly after receipt of your application, you will be contacted by a department officer to set up a meeting between yourself, and the department officers.


Every person entering the department will serve a probationary period a minimum of one (1) year. New members will be on probation until meeting the requirements set forth in the Fire Department by-Laws.


Department Drills: Depending on which division of the MVFD you choose to join, you will be required to attend a number of training drills and meetings

Fire Department Business Meeting: 1st Monday of each month

Fire Department Training Drills: 2nd & 4th Mondays, & one Sunday of each month

EMS Drills: 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month

You are expected to be present at as many drills for your division as possible. However, each member will be required to attend a minimum of 50% of drills. If you miss one (1) month of drills, you will be contacted by the department secretary. If you miss two (2) consecutive months of drills, you will be dropped from the active roster. Exception will be given when your absence is excused by a department officer.

Firefighter I-Probationary Members must be enrolled in a State of Connecticut Firefighter I program within eighteen (18) months from date of entry into the department.

Special Training-Periodically, you will be expected to attend additional training sessions at the discretion of the Fire Chief or Training Officer. Please provide the Training Officer with a copy of all training certifications so they may be included in your personnel file.

EMS / Ambulance service requires a current CT State EMR or EMT level certification.  EMS classes are available at various locations and times.  EMR / EMT training is between 120 – 150 hours.


You will be required to take a department physical throughout your membership with the Fire Department. These physicals will be scheduled periodically as deemed necessary by the Fire Chief, and will be performed by the Physician appointed by the Town of Marlborough. It is your responsibility to make sure your physical is taken in a timely manner. Any member who has not completed their physical will be removed from Active Duty until the Fire Chief receives all of the necessary paperwork.


Probationary Members are not permitted to drive apparatus in response to any alarms. Driving of apparatus during the probationary period will only be permitted with specific permission from a Chief Officer for training purposes only.

No one is permitted to ride the rear step of any apparatus at any given time. Riding is restricted to the cab and within the confines of apparatus jump seats with seatbelts fastened at all times.

Probationary members are not permitted to operate any of the apparatus controls unless under the supervision or direction of a Senior Member.

Any equipment removed from apparatus will be returned to its proper location, provided it is cleaned and working. Any broken equipment shall be tagged and reported to an officer.



Upon joining the department, each member will be issued personal protective equipment (PPE) consisting of a turnout coat, helmet, boots, bunker pants, nomex hood, gloves, and accountability tags. The care, maintenance and accountability for the issued gear are your responsibility.

The use of turnout gear purchased by any individual firefighter of his or her own accord is permitted ONLY if the specific apparel meets the required Safety Standard. All gear must be approved by the Fire Chief.







You are not expected to respond to every alarm. However, each firefighter will be expected to respond to as many alarms as possible.

Probationary Members are to report to the closest firehouse for the following types of alarms:

a)      Any type of rescue including motor vehicle accidents

***Probationary Members are prohibited from responding to incidents on Route 2***

b)      Any type of fire-related call; Fire Alarm, Structure Fire, Brush fire, etc.

c)       Probationary Members are prohibited from responding to any type of mutual aid call.

**Exceptions to these guidelines may be made at the discretion of an officer**

A pager will be issued to you upon your entry into the department. Any problems with your pager should be brought to the attention of the Deputy Chief. Necessary repairs will be performed by an authorized service agent. Should your pager require service, you will be issued a temporary replacement pager until yours is returned.



A Probationary Member is NOT permitted to display or use a blue light or any other revolving or flashing light.

When responding to an alarm, you are subject to all motor vehicle laws such as stopping at stop signs and stoplights, and obeying posted speed limits. Being a member of the Fire Department does NOT exempt you from obeying all motor vehicle regulations.



As a Probationary Firefighter you are restricted from the following firefighting or rescue activities.

                Use of SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus)

                Use of any power equipment saws and extrication tools

                Entry into any area that has been designated as a HOT ZONE



You will follow the orders of any officer at all times and compliance will be immediate and unquestioned. The efficiency of a fire department is dependent upon quick decisions by its officers and immediate response by firefighters due to rapidly changing conditions at any incident.

When you are given an ORDER, be sure that you understand it CLEARLY. Do not be afraid to ask or have the order REPEATED. Doing the wrong thing can be just as dangerous as not doing what is asked of you. Respect and Respond to the commands of all officers.

Officers are identified as follows:

                                                Chief Officers                    White Helmet

                                                Captains/Lieutenants     Black Helmet/White Shield

                                                All officers have rank shown on the back of their turnout coat

Firefighters/Explorers are identified as follows:

                                                Engineers/FF’s                  Black Helmet/Yellow Stickers

                                                Explorers                             Black Helmet/Orange Stickers




While participating in Fire Department activities or responding to calls, all department members are covered by insurance, including worker’s compensation. You are covered for personal injury from the time you leave your home, job, or wherever, until you return home or directly back to work after being relieved of duties. The department does not provide coverage for your vehicle or personal liability while driving your vehicle. Coverage is limited to your own personal injuries. Any injury, no matter how minor it appears to be, must be reported to the Incident Commander so it can be noted in the incident report. Remember, this is for your protection.



Satisfactory completion of your Probationary Period depends on your willingness to learn and participate in your assigned activities. At the end of each incident, drill, or training seminar you will be required to sign in on the incident run form after all equipment has been returned to the station, cleaned, and made ready for the next incident as determined by the officer or driver in charge.